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50 Creative Instagram Captions For Your Family

Family is one of the most important things in our lives. We must take out time on a daily basis from our busy and hectic schedules to appreciate our loved ones for all the things they do and reconnect as a family. For that reason, we’ve provided a collection of 50 favourite family captions. These captions remind us of the love shared between family members.

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Family Captions For Instagram

  1. Nature has created many masterpieces, and the top spot on that list is that of a family.
  2. Just like the saying goes as steady as a rock, the family is the institution that really works at all times.
  3. It doesn’t matter whether you call it a network, family, tribe or clan, the fact remains that you need one.
  4. While there are many things in life that change us, our life always begins and ends with the family. 
  5. Family and love, in that order, are the most important things in our lives.
  6. Family is God’ greatest gift to us, as we are to them.
  7. There is no better feeling than heading home to family after a hard and stressful day of work.
  8. No matter how often you may want to escape from your family, you simply cannot because family ties do matter a lot.
  9. The two prime facilitators of happiness are friendships and family.
  10. Quality of life is the foremost thing and finding a happy and perfect balance between family, friends and work leads to
  11.  It is good to have a home, great to have a family and it is indeed a blessing to have both. 
  12.  God has given us hidden treasures in the form of family and friends and the onus is on us to seek them and enjoy the riches.
  13.  Human society has many building blocks, and the family is the first one of them. 
  14.  Family is not only an important thing; rather, it is the foremost thing in our life.
  15.  All of us may have our differences in opinion, but nothing is more important than the family.
  16.  We tremble in the cold when we are alone without a family.
  17.  Many things come and go, but family is one thing that never goes out of fashion.
  18.  Don’t let the busy world alienate you from your family.
  19.  The strength of a family is like the strength of an army, which lies in its loyalty to each other.
  20. All of us need a house to live, but a home is built by a supportive family.
  21. Family is like a compass guiding us to scale new heights and our comfort zone when we occasionally trip over.
  22. The family gives us the roots to stand strong and tall to whether all storms.
  23. The respect and joy in each other’s life is the main bond that links one’s true family.
  24. Go home and love your family to promote world peace.
  25. The admiration of friends and the love of family are much more important than privilege and wealth.
  26.  The circle of strength of love is denoted by our family and with every birth and every union, the circle grows bigger and bigger.
  27. Love is the basic ingredient in a family, which acts like oil to ease friction and like cement to bind the members closer together.
  28.  Being a family effectively means that one is a part of something very magical. It means one will love and be loved for the rest of life
  29.  A true family is there to support you and honor your decisions
  30. The purest form of love and acceptance is a family.
  31.  One of the powerful forces of nature are the connections within a family.
  32. Love is the common factor that binds all the different members of a family with unique traits.
  33. Our family plays the most important role in shaping who we are and what we choose to become.
  34. Families bring out the best of us and act as life jackets when we are in the stormy sea of uncertainties of our lives.
  35. Family faces are nature’s way of showing us a mirror to us where we can see the past, present, and just looking at people who belong to us.
  36. Our love of family is a measure of our stability as it measures that sense of family loyalty.
  37. Love is the music that brings harmony in the family.
  38. All of us become our best while looking our worst when we get the blessed condition of informal family life.
  39. Family is the test of independence because it is the only thing that a man makes by himself and for himself.
  40. Family is everything and not only an important thing.
  41. Greater love leading to greater loss makes family a risky proposition. 
  42. Family is always in our hearts, bonded together for life, irrespective where we rest our head.
  43. It makes us devoid of all our possessions, and we are left with family which is held together by love.
  44. Keeping a family together is like solving a puzzle. It is difficult to gather all the pieces, but once done, they fit together seamlessly.
  45. Family is the short form of Forever All Members Imprint Love on You.
  46. Family unity is being in the same book reaching towards the same ending and not about being on the same page all the time.
  47. Individually, we are one color, but together as a family we constitute a rainbow.
  48. A family standing together against all odds is the key to endurance and strength.
  49. One may not choose one’s family, but one can choose to make it their own.
  50. When one chooses to swim with family one is actually creating a natural safety net from the dangers of the world.


Family plays a major role in our identities. It is made up of people with many unique personalities that sometimes it is tough to find a common ground. Yet, families are the most defining of all human relationships. Great thinkers have speculated and remarked for ages on the family theme. Celebrate the ones who made you the person you are today with these heartfelt family captions.

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